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Missing Our Moments...And Our Blessings

Let's be real....Enjoying each moment can be tough. Sometimes we don't think about the moments and think about everything what will I be doing tomorrow...or what assignment is due today? All these thoughts run tirelessly through our heads and we end up MISSING OUR MOMENTS AND OUR BLESSINGS.

This has happened to me several times. I keep pushing to make it to the next day without appreciating today. I have missed the blessings God has tried to show me because I am looking at the "Next Thing Around the Corner".

For some reason, all of my life God has given me signals of appreciating things. He has shown me to just concentrate on TODAY's blessings. For instance, every time I hear or see a bird...I stop in my tracks and look at it. Why? Well, its my signal. It reminds me of the scripture and song saying "His Eye is On the Sparrow...And I know He watches me." When I just see that bird, I know that today is a blessing. Let me focus on all the blessings God has bestowed on me because if He can take care of a little bird...He can and is taking care of me.

I truly believe that every person has a similar signal. A similar "thing" that says...wait a you see all the blessings around you? Do you see what God is doing for you? Have you thought about what your signal may be? Wouldn't it be amazing to know that you actually are experiencing ALL the blessings God has for your life and are aware of them in real time!!!!!

So let's try that today. Today is another great day that God has given us. Whether we are going through grief, triumph, heartache, or bitterness...God has a blessing for us today!!!! Go get it!!!!! And give God the glory for ALL THE THINGS HE HAS DONE!!!!!

Dr. Amber Robins is a Family Medicine resident physician and graduate of the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry.

Dr. Robins is also an international best-selling author of “The Write Prescription: Finding the ‘Right’ Spiritual Dosage to Overcome Any Obstacle.” Throughout her journey, Dr. Robins’ goal is to motivate others to achieve their own personal success which she does as a personal life coach. You can find more articles at