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Did You Do Your Best?

When I was growing up my mom used to always say, “Amber, all you can do is do your best.” She would tell me this after every volleyball game I lost for 3 years (YES…we didn’t win one volleyball game for 3 years!), tests, and piano recitals. This mantra applied to everything. Twenty plus years later I still reiterate those words to myself.

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For instance, in medical school I felt that whatever I was doing was not good enough. There was always more I could work on or do in order to learn more about medicine. But after I prepared, studied, and took my tests I would ask myself…”Amber, did you do your best? If so, that’s all you can do.” By saying that, it was a way to let go of all the worry and regret that may have come. It helped get rid of the feeling of me persecuting myself to have done more prep work. Of course, we can suffer and push ourselves to the ultimate limit. Sacrificing every part of us to make things work. But where will that get us? It will get us to a place on imbalance and lots of sadness. It will get us to a place of feeling less than and not good enough.

Of course, there is always room for improvement. Everyone has room for growth, right? But to survive and maintain your happiness/sanity, you have to know that your best is the limit of what you are capable of doing at this point in time. The definition of “your best” can change depending on your physical capabilities, level of energy, or motivation. No matter what…it’s all that you’ve got to give towards a certain situation or challenge.

Now this mantra of doing and giving your best does not only go towards you work like. It can apply to your love life and friendships too. When you look back on a relationship after you have broken up with a partner or friend and can say…I gave my best. Then that, my dear, is all you can do or ever give. So pick your head up, pick your feet up, and move on.

In this life, giving your best is the key to freedom in your mind, body, and spirit. At the end of the day, if you do, give, and show your best…that’s when you know you’ve done all you can.

Dr. Amber Robins is a board-certified Family Medicine doctor and graduate of the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry.

Dr. Robins is also an international best-selling author of “The Write Prescription: Finding the ‘Right’ Spiritual Dosage to Overcome Any Obstacle.” Throughout her journey, Dr. Robins’ goal is to motivate others to achieve their own personal success which she does as a personal life coach. You can find more articles at