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Resilience: The Superpower You Need

Human beings are born with “gifts” such as beauty, natural physical coordination or a voice like that of a nightingale. But some impressive abilities and qualities are acquired or developed and this process is not always easy.

Resilience is a perfect example of a quality that needs to be developed. And it is more important now than ever, as we face the fast-changing present and uncertain possibilities for the future.

Described as the ability to emerge victorious and stronger than ever after brushes with adversities, having resilience serves as the perfect assurance that you will be just fine no matter what the future holds.

The real deal about resilience

Everybody possesses this ability. The problem is, some do not develop it. This is because people are emotional creatures. When something goes wrong or things don’t work out, some have the tendency to nurture their hurts and wallow in their sorry state.

Instead of considering situations as passing events in life, it can be too easy to let those events begin to define you. For instance, a single rejection can have someone believing that they are not good enough for anything.

But when you have resilience, you refuse to let bad situations keep you down. You make sure that setbacks are all just preludes to strong comebacks.

How resilience can work in your life

Suffice it to say, resilience can lead to empowerment. How, exactly?

1. It can uncover your untapped capabilities

In order to bounce back successfully from challenges, it is imperative to assess the hardship you are going through and then follow it up with quiet introspection to determine how you can overcome.

Introspection can reveal so much about your behavioral patterns. At the same time, it can challenge you to tap into different parts of your brain to be able to break harmful thought and behavioral patterns.

There’s nothing like giving a careful look into yourself to discover that you already have more “goods” within you to use in order to rise above difficulties.

If you’re a struggling model or photographer, press on if it is your passion. Whether you're working the catwalk or aiming for that office promotion or even just simply trying to survive, it's important to learn the life lessons of how to show up, stand out, and stand up should you fall.

2. You learn to look at life in an optimistic way

Resilience, as earlier mentioned, focuses on putting the ball back into your side of the court. You do not dwell on the negative and, instead, believe that everything will come to pass or has a solution or reason for being. You look at life as a learning opportunity, and every new day is a brand new chance to get things right.

For example, if you failed to succeed as a ramp model. With resilience, you do not automatically interpret that as the end of your career in fashion.

One thing you can do if you are resilient is to immediately look for modeling opportunities that can make use of your looks, background and skills. It can be commercial modeling or being a plus-size model. You can turn to international modeling agencies whose clients are not limited to high fashion houses.

Another option is to use the knowledge that you have acquired in your short-lived modeling career and try your luck in other careers in the industry. You can work as a hair and makeup artist or a professional stylist (like Rachel Zoe, who worked as a model before being one of the most influential stylists in Hollywood).

3. You learn to stay focused on productivity

Instead of only aiming for the one-time big wins, it’s as important, if not more, to focus on what works for the long run. Plan for sustainable success.

As such, productivity matters to you and you do not waste time wallowing in self-pity. You make different moves to put your life back on track. This is because, for you, being stagnant can only breed negativity in your life.

4. It silences the murmurings of others

When you are resilient, what other people have to say about your situation does not matter as much as your goal to bounce back.

You take the good advice and move on from the voiced out sentiments that can hold you back. When people impose limitations on you, your typical reaction is to work dedicatedly and prove others wrong.


5. You get to keep your joy

Getting things done to “get back to good” can keep that flame of joy within you alive. When you make consistent efforts to overcome difficulties, you learn to enjoy the ride and glory in your little victories you have each day.

Say, you are trying to revive your business after significant losses, your decision to visualize your success every morning can place you in the right mindset for the rest of the day. No matter what life throws at you in the course of the day, it can be easy for you to ignore or outwork them because your eyes are on the prize.

Work on developing resilience. Always push yourself to the farthest you can go in difficult situations and rise up every time you fall. With this virtue, nothing in this life will truly bring you down and take away your glory crown.

Jessicka Bell co-founded the AgenC, one of the leading model/talent agencies in the Middle East, in 2014. After just three years in the market, the AgenC now works with most (if not all) of the heavy hitters in media and fashion, as well as represents over 1,000 talents ranging from international models through to cast, kids, creatives and photographers.

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